LUMière MOLécules MATière

Molecular Materials for Electronics & Photonics


The LumoMat program, awarded the prestigious "Ecole Universitaire de Recherche" (EUR) label from 2020.

Un projet collectif

Le projet LumoMat-E est porté par l’Université d’Angers.

Partenaires enseignement supérieur : Université de Rennes 1, ENSCR, Université de Nantes (établissement associé).

Organisme de recherche associé : CNRS.

 Attracting excellent Master and PhD students around a group of high-level scientists to invent the electronics of tomorrow: this is the ambition of the new LumoMat EUR program. The project is one of the laureates of this national Call (Investment Program).

On August 29, 2019, the Minister of Higher Education and Research, Frédérique Vidal, announced the names of the winners of the second wave of the “Écoles universitaires de recherche” call for projects under the Future Investments Program. The EUR LumoMat-E (LUmière MOlécule MATériaux) is among the 24 projects selected (out of 81 applications).

Following on from the LumoMat Research-Training-Innovation project, supported by the Pays de la Loire Region, LumoMat-E aims to use the tools of chemistry to initiate unprecedented developments in the field of molecular materials for organic electronics and photonics. The EUR focuses on three main application areas: materials for energy, materials for health and the environment, and materials for information storage, nanostructured systems and imaging. These areas are all related to industrial applications, which are expected to develop in the next decade.

Led by the AU, the project brings together the scientific forces interested in molecular materials in the west of France. It involves four joint CNRS-University units (Moltech-Anjou, ISCR, Ceisam, IMN) from three neighbouring university sites (Angers, Nantes, Rennes). This brings together a compact group of high-level researchers covering the entire value chain (molecular design, synthesis, spectroscopy and devices).

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Presentation file
A presentation file of the LumoMat MASTER CHEMICALS is available via the link below.

The project

The LUMOMAT project, strongly supported by the Région des Pays de la Loire, aims to develop innovative organic electronics and photonics materials, based on a strategy encompassing Research, Training and Innovation.

These new organic-based technological devices are considered, in a region where the industrial activity is highly visible on the specific sector of electronics, as a complementary promising approach to conventional silicon-based technologies.

Led by two chemistry laboratories well-recognized on this topic (MOLTECH-Anjou in Angers and CEISAM in Nantes), the project also includes research teams originating from five other labs of the Région des Pays de la Loire (IMMM in Le Mans, IMN and CRCNA in Nantes, GEPEA in La Roche/Yon and LPhiA in Angers).

LUMOMAT partners design, synthesize, characterize and study new organic molecules that can be used as building blocks in electro- or photoactive materials/devices. LUMOMAT offers three main areas of applications covering the full chain from the molecular design to the final devices:

  • Organic photovoltaics (OPV) – dye-sensitized cells (DSC), OLED
  • Sensors and probes for health andenvironment
  • Nanosystems for transport and optical storage of information

Besides applied works in connection with both the local economical forces and national and international partners, the project aims at developping new and innovative fundamental concepts as well as the opening of a new Master/engineer-level training (the LUMOMAT Master) the first of this kind in France.