LUMOMAT project relies on several commitees to plan its whole strategy over the next 8 years and especially on the axes of research, training and innovation.

  •  The Management Committee

The LUMOMAT team gathers 3 co-leaders, the project manager, the business developer, and the administrative manager, who meet every month during the Management Committee.

  • The Steering Committee

Every year, the project team and the financial, academic representatives meet to review the previous year and plan the strategy for the next year.

  • The Training Committee

The Training Committee meets every trimester under the governance of the project manager. This Committee gathers representatives from the Universities of Angers, Nantes and Rennes, the Doctoral School and the educational managers, to set up actions on Licence – Master – Doctorate continuum and pursuing study at the doctoral level.

  • The Research Committee

Organised by the project manager, the Research Committee gathers representatives from the 4 laboratories involved in LUMOMAT in order to plan and discuss the internal calls for projects financing thesis and post-doctorate.


  • The Innovation Committee

Twice a year, the Innovation Committee chaired by the business developer, gathers representatives from the socio-economic world of organic electronics and photonics. The aim of this committee is to plan the strategy to bring academic research closer to industrial needs.


Co-leaders of the project: Piétrick Hudhomme, Vincent Coeffard, Muriel Hissler

Project manager: Noémie Barbot

Business Developer: 

Administrative Manager: Virginie Joinnin Hrouch

Educational managers: Mohammed Boujtita, Piétrick Hudhomme, Muriel Hissler