Scientific popularization is of tremendous importance for LUMOMAT project and involves both researchers and students during events such as the annual Science Festival, the participation of PhD students at “My thesis in 180 seconds”.

In 2021, Clément Drou took the first place of this contest in Angers when he presented his PhD subject “Supramolecular assembly based on new C60 fullerenes”.

Clément Drou


Starting in 2021, all M2-students have to produce a popularized version of the master’s thesis: video, comic book, game… Here is a sample of their accomplishements:

Video of Rania GHENA,supervised by Remi Dessapt.

Game created by Elie BOU RAHHAL, supervised by Christelle Gautier.

Video of Rana KDOUH, supervised by David Canevet.

Animation created by Safiya MOUKATIB, supervised by Maxim Nasalevich.

Former scientific popularizations actions :