Each year, a summer school is organized for M1 and M2 students. This school can be focused on a neighbouring field of LUMOMAT’s specialties such as electronics, biology or environment, for example.

The summer school program 2014-2015


10h-12h : “Introduction to molecular organic: a basis towards organic electronic”, Dominique Vuillaume

14h-16h :  “OLED for display devices and lighting”, Bernard Geffroy

16h-18h : “Field Effect Transistor: tutorial and state of the art”, Guillaume Wantz


 10h-12h : “Theoretical background for molecular electronic and photonic”, Carlo Adamo

14h-16h : “Electrochromic molecules and fluorescence-electrochemistry coupling”, Fabien Miomandre

16h-18h : “Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaic” , Renaud Démadrille