Whether it’s in a company or a laboratory, students have to complete two internships during their master studies: a 3-months internship in M1 and a 5-months internship in M2.

In order to find their internships, students can count on LUMOMAT international network, the help of LUMOMAT business developer and the educational managers.

Some internships subjects from the previous years:

“Studies of the stability towards air and light ambient atmosphere of Non-Fullerene Acceptors in thin layers and organic solar cells”

“Perylenediimide multimeres synthesis and characterization as acceptors in organic solar cells.”

“Conductive inks for pressure, strength and temperature sensors”.

In addition, LUMOMAT favours international mobility by giving mobility grants to students doing their internships abroad. Thus, numerous internships were completed in parntners laboratories since 2014:



Since 2017, students can complete their M2 year in apprenticeships and 6 students already benefited from this opportunity in companies such as ARMOR, Encres Dubuit, PCAS, Sanofi…

Apprenticeship is a huge opportunity to connect theoretical knowledge and apply it on the field, while being payed. In addition, apprentices benefit from a higher professional insertion rate at the end of their master.

Look at Clément Drou’s testimony on apprenticeship during his M2 LUMOMAT. Clément continued his studies into a PhD in MOLTECH-Anjou.


Some apprenticeships subjects:

Optimization of charge extraction layers in organic photovoltaic cells Set up of a new spectrophotometer”

“Synthesis of low bandgap polymers for near infrared organic photodetectors application”

“Improvement of the transparency of photovoltaics devices and development of quality control methods”