The master LUMOMAT provides a solid and complete formation in chemistry with a specialization based on “molecular materials for organic electronics and photonics.” Therefore, applied lessons are taught in the areas of

• Molecular modelisation (geometries, energetical levels, spectroscopic prediction…)
• Organic synthesis (molecular engineering and optimizations)
• Physico-chemical characterizations of molecules and then of materials
• Fabrication and characterization of devices (organic solar cells, sensors for biology and environment, field effect transistors, OLEDs, (nano)systems photo- or electro-commutable, stock and transfer of informations…)

To date, no equivalent master in France!

And after ?

After graduation of his Master LUMOMAT, depending on his choice (in master 1 and 2, students can follow their traineeship in research laboratory and/or for companies), the young searcher will continue his formation as pH-D student or choose to integrate industry worth an engineer level. Among the possible opportunities:

• PhD in chemistry in the field of Molecular Materials for Organic Electronics and Photonics
• Engineer in Research and Development (start-ups, SMEs, large group)
• Engineer in public research organizations (University, CNRS, INRA, INSERM…)
• Senior in production or research and development services
• Project Manager

Pedagogical approach :

The master LUMOMAT is strongly supported by the Region Pays de la Loire and by its Universities (Angers, Le Mans and Nantes) that together make strong efforts to ensure an excellent formation for future graduates. In particular, specific financial supports are devoted to

Mobility scholarships in foreign countries
Summer schools
• Specific sessions held with international speakers
• Enable the movement of students between sites and Angers Nantes

Note also:

• A favoured access to research laboratory equipment for training courses and tutored projects
• Courses teached in English in Master 2
• A first presentation to certification financed
• Privileged partnerships with industry sector

The master LUMOMAT is co-headed by the Universities of Nantes and Angers, that collectively assume operational responsibility for the M1 (Nantes) and M2 (Angers). Teachers are issue from the Universities of Le Mans, Nantes and Angers and from the socio-economic world.

Pour plus d’informations
(Project Manager LUMOMAT)
02 76 64 51 82
(Education Manager – Master 1, Nantes)
02 51 12 57 23

Piétrick Hudhomme
(Education Manager – Master 2, Angers)
02 41 73 50 94