LUMOMAT chemistry master, a pluridisciplinary approach offering many professional opportunies

LUMOMAT chemistry master provides pluridisciplinary courses, covering chemistry topics in a whole new approach: transforming matter adequately to answer current issues in energy, health, environement or information storage.

After graduating from LUMOMAT master, chemistry students will be able to modelize and synthesize the best molecules or polymers to be integrated into electronic or optical devices, used in various applications such as organic photovoltaics, artificial photosynthesis, (bio)sensors, energy storage, printable inks…

To this end, LUMOMAT students will be taught how to answer specifications brief from a company or a laboratory, how to design on-demand molecules with specific physicochemical properties by using a large range of spectroscopic, electrochemical tools…

Thanks to this wide range of skills, LUMOMAT students will be able to manage research projects ahead of industrialization, while collaborating with colleagues from other scientific disciplines such as physicists, especially to integrate custom molecules into devices. After two years of english-taught courses, students will be ready to work in international teams.

In addition, students can begin an apprenticeship in M2 to be part of an industrial work project and benefit from fieldwork and professional opportunities in their company.


Benefits of following LUMOMAT master

Close follow-up from the pedagogical team – LUMOMAT students are supported by a pedagogical team to help him build his professionnal future, and they benefit from :

  • LUMOMAT network to find interships, apprenticeships in laboratories or companies,
  • Mobility grants to go abroad for M1 or M2 internships,
  • Advices from LUMOMAT Business Developper, teachers from the Universities and the industry to enter the working world, find apprenticeships or internships,
  • A tutored project in research laboratories during M2.

Since 2020, LUMOMAT chemistry master is part of the research Graduate Program LUMOMAT, laureate from a prestigious call for projects. This label benefits to students by giving them access to top-range courses and LUMOMAT network.

LUMOMAT network activities :

  • seminars with industrials and international researchers, organized by parnters of LUMOMAT network (summer school, talks, workshops, congress…),
  • LUMOMAT alumni network,
  • favoured access to high-end technological platforms
  • M2 courses fully taught in english, validation of a assorti d’une certification TOEIC ou TOEFL.

Professionnal opportunies after the Master

After graduating from the master, LUMOMAT students will have advanced skills in molecular ingeniery and able to work in R&D departments to manage innovative projects.

Graduate students will also be able to enter public research at the engineer level after a competitive examination: CNRS, Universities, INRA, INSERM…

Graduate students can also carry on their studies by preparing a PhD in France or abroad and benefit from LUMOMAT thesis financial support.

For further information

Noemie.Barbot Project Manager LUMOMAT
02 76 64 51 82

Mohammed.Boujtita Education Manager – Master 1, Nantes – 02 51 12 57 23

Muriel Hissler, Education Manager – Master 1, Rennes (opening in sept. 2022)

Piétrick Hudhomme Education Manager – Master 2, Angers – 02 41 73 50 94