Former students from the first promotion of LUMOMAT chemistry master can be contacted through our Facebook page, the alumni group on LinkedIn or by emailing Noémie Barbot.

Where are they now? Some testimonies of LUMOMAT former students:

My name is Mélanie, I graduated from LUMOMAT master in 2017 and I am now on my third year of thesis in collaboration between the University of Rennes 1 and the Australian National University.

After a physicochemical bachelor at the University of Rennes 1, I wanted to continue my studies with an organic chemistry master having also multidisplinary background. LUMOMAT master’s courses totally matched with my expectations. I learnt to completely manage a projec from the launch to the closure, doing computer modelizations, organic and organomettalics molecules synthesis, compounds characterizations, and at the end, device manufacturing.

In my opinion, if you enjoy being a “Swiss knife”, this master will be ideal for you ! Another quality of this master is its international ambition with english-taught classes, and numerous opportunies to do internships abroad. Indeed, I really learned how to speak english by going to the Universidad Autonoma of Madrid during my M1 internship.

After graduating from the master, I  decided to apply to a PhD offer I received through LUMOMAT network. I decided to pursue my studies at the doctoral level after doing my M2 internship at the CEISAM laboratory in Nantes where I really enjoyed my topic at the interface between organic chemistry, optics and biology.

But don’t panic ! You always have time to make up your mind regarding your professional project, and nourrish it with your professional experience: we don’t always want to be a doctor since the beginning of our bachelor.”  Mélanie Dreano, 2017 class, PhD Student at the Institute of Chemical Sciences in Rennes.


After graduating from LUMOMAT in 2019, I created my own company of scientific popularization « HomoCreatos ».

When I chose my studies, I knew I wanted to work on a science-related field but had trouble choosing a specific area. Thus, I started with one year in a biology bachelor and then continued with a bachelor in chemistry for environment at the University of Angers before joinging the LUMOMAT master.

During my last year of LUMOMAT master, I was in apprenticeship at Michelin, working on nuclear magnetic resonance. After that, I continued with an 18-months contract at Michelin. However, I realized that I wanted more creativity in my day-to-day work and also that what I enjoyed the most in sciences was multidisciplinary and popularization.

Indeed, after making several scientific popularization flyers at Michelin, I chose to follow that path and to create my business « HomoCreatos », to match my enjoyment of science and my need to create. Nowadays, I work with companies looking to make their scientific or technical speeches more affordable through comics, posters, infographies, games…

I think that you need to be aware of your strengths and the topics that you enjoy the most to adequately imagine your study path. LUMOMAT master gave me a broader openmindedness on science topics and gain better comprehension in certain areas.”

 Flore-Anne Pelloquet, 2019 class, founder of HomoCreatos.


Find out Clément Drou’s testimony: Clément is currently doing his chemistry PhD at MOLTECH-Anjou laboratory.


Some testimonies on LUMOMAT master:

Whole master 2 class of 2017: «During this two-year training, we really appreciated the pedagogical team’s support and the mobility grant to do our internships abroad. »

Fabien: «I really enjoyed having a complete training in chemistry, centered on molecular photonics applications, organic devices for energy and health. »

Teddy: « I appreciated having courses in Angers, Nantes and Le Mans and having access to high-end technical platforms in the laboratories. I also think that teachers were involved in our training.»

Olivier: « I liked english-taught classes, giving us the opportunity to improve our english level, to be prepared for internships abroad and our future professional opportunities. »

Chloé, Romain, Fabien: « We really enjoyed contributing to the different activities launched during LUMOMAT RFI (CALEP, école d’automne…). »

Chloé: «I think that the pedagogical team was really listening to us and taking care of the problems we came across during our training. I felt listened to and carried on.»

Romain: « I liked having talks from top rank researchers, teachers and industrials during the master. »