LUMOMAT governance is organized as followed:

Strategic governance:

The Steering Committee is composed of representatives of the partner institutions and organizations, as well as members of the Directory Board.

The steering committee meets at least once a year on the initiative of the Director. It defines the LUMOMAT general strategy and priorities based on proposal and recommendations of the International Scientific Advisory Board. It validates annual outcomes and the allocation of resources associated. It guaranties the proper management of grants allocated to the project. A report of each Steering Committee meeting must be sent to all project partners (institutions, organizations and funders).

The International Scientific Advisory Board is composed of five outside members (national and international experts) as well as members of the Directory Board.

It meets at the start of the project, at mid-term and at the end of the project and proposes orientations and strategies in term of research, education, economic development and international issues to the Steering Committee.

The International Scientific Advisory Board appoints a chairman from among the outside members.

Members of the Operational Committee (see below) may participate to the International Scientific Advisory Board providing a regular assessment on the achievement and objectives of LUMOMAT in each area (Research, Education and Innovation).

Finally, the International Scientific Advisory Board may occasionally be opened to external qualified experts in the fields of research, education and innovation. These members are proposed by the Steering Committee and approved by the Directory Board.

Operational governance:

The Directory Board is composed of the director, the co-director and the project manager.

The director and the co-director (one on each of the main sites, Angers and Nantes) coordinate the different actions and ensure the project steering. They supervise the implementation of actions to achieve the objectives of the initial project, in connection with the project manager.
They report to the Steering Committee, by meeting it regularly and at least once a year.

The project manager interferes with institutions and organizations involved in the project.

He/She is in charge of the administrative and financial issues and coordinates the actions within the scope of the project.

• The Operational Committee is composed of the Directory Board, the research managers of Lumomat, the education managers of Lumomat, the Vice-Presidents in charge of Innovation of the three Universities and the business manager of Lumomat.

It monitors the implementation of operational actions according to the priorities defined by the Steering Committee. It meets every three months.

Considering its operational dimension, it may be opened to external members if needed. Occasional reports of the project may be done to the Bureau du Comité Consultatif Régional de la Recherche et du Développement Technologique (CCRRDT) or in front of one of its thematic commissions.