Any PhD student who is doing or will be doing a thesis on a subject that is in line with one of the three main themes of the EUR LUMOMAT project (Energy, Health/Environment, Information storage and transport), regardless of the source of funding for his or her thesis, and whose thesis supervisor presents part of his or her activity as belonging to the EUR project, may be eligible for a LUMOMAT Label. The attribution of this Label could also be proposed in some cases if the evolution of a thesis project towards the LUMOMAT theme justifies it. The ANR and LUMOMAT project logos must be used for all public communication. Each application will be submitted and validated by the Training Committee.

Procedure and conditions :

  • The thesis subject must be in agreement with the LUMOMAT theme: a summary of the thesis and a few lines linking it to LUMOMAT must be sent to the project leader Noémie Barbot.
  • The PhD supervisor must have all or part of his/her activity identified as belonging to the LUMOMAT project and this activity must be taken into account in the LUMOMAT project indicators.
  • The doctoral student will have to give his agreement to have this label.
  • Each labelled PhD student will have to produce a vulgarized presentation of his/her thesis (free format).


This label will allow the doctoral students to benefit from the financial devices set up by the EUR LUMOMAT project. Doctoral students funded directly by the EUR LUMOMAT project in the framework of the AAP do not need to apply for this label.