Three universities of the Region Pays de la Loire are involved in the LUMOMAT project, through researchers belonging to seven laboratories.

This corresponds to a total of 140 researchers (ca. 70 full time equivalent) who are involved in the LUMOMAT project.

Founding members :

  • MOLTECH-Anjou (UMR 6200 CNRS – University of Angers)
  • CEISAM (UMR 6230 CNRS – University of Nantes)
  • IMMM (UMR 6283 CNRS – University of Maine)

Associated members :

  • IMN (UMR 6502 CNRS – University of Nantes)
  • GEPEA (UMR 6144 CNRS – EMN – University of Nantes)
  • CRCNA (UMR 892 Inserm – 6299 CNRS – Universities of Nantes and Angers)
  • LPhiA (EA 4464 – University of Angers)

Three research axes are developed:

Axis 1: 3rd generation photovoltaics, OLED and solar fuels: conception, elaboration, caracterisation, modelisation

Axis 2: Sensors and molecular probes for health and environment

Axis 3: Structured nanosystems for the transport and storage of information