LIA Project, Associated International Lab (Laboratoire International Associé), supported by the CNRS :

“NAno Photoswitching of Organic materials with Light”

This project, led by Pr Régis Barillé (MOLTECH-Anjou), has been funded for four years (2014-2018) by the following partners :

• University of Angers
• Wroclaw University of Technology

The project implies three laboratories:

• Institut des Sciences et Technologies Moléculaires d’Angers (MOLTECH-Anjou), UMR 6200, bâtiment K, 2 Boulevard Lavoisier, 49045 Angers Cedex 01, France
• Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Polymer Engineering and Technology, C.K. Norwida 4/6, 50-373 Wrocław, Poland
• Faculty of Chemistry, Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, C.K. Norwida 4/6, 50-373, Wrocław, Poland