Launch of LUMOMAT 2022 call for projects:

LUMOMAT launches its second internal call for projects for PhD grants and post-doctoral fellowships on the scientific topics stated in the perimeter of the EUR project.

2022 fundings valided by the Management and Research Committees:

  • Pays de la Loire funding by the Regional Council: 5 half-thesis and 1 post-doctorate
  • Angers Loire Metropole funding: 1 post-doctorate
  • University of Nantes funding: 1 half-thesis
  • LUMOMAT fundings: 6 half-thesis
  • University of Rennes 1 fundings: 2 half-thesis/.
Application file:  AAP EUR LUMOMAT 2022
Projects have to be sent to the project manager before November 15 at 11:59 am:

LUMOMAT 2021 call for projects – results:

1) PhD grants:

  • BOPSIA project – Lionel Sanguinet and Rémi Dessapt – MOLTECH Anjou and IMN: BOX-POM Switchable Ionic Assemblies.
  • PROXIMA project – Yann Pellegrin – CEISAM : Photochemical production of hydrogen peROXIde with hybrid dye doped silica MAterials: towards the
    degradation of organic pollutants in wastewater.
  • SWIFER project – Pierre-Antoine Bouit and David Canevet – ISCR and MOLTECH Anjou : SWItchable Fluorescence in Electro-active Rotaxane.

2) Post-doctoral fellowships:

  • AZA BTX project – Clément Cabanetos – MOLTECH Anjou:  N-annulation of benzothioxanthene derivatives: Synthesis, characterization and use for organic electronics
  • POEMS project – Nicolas Zigon – MOLTECH Anjou: POrous & Electroactive Metal-organic frameworkS