LUMOMAT gathers 4 mixed CNRS – Universities research units from 3 Universities working on molecular materials in the West of France:

  • MOLTECH-Anjou, University of Angers
  • CEISAM and IMN, University of Nantes
  • ISCR, University of Rennes 1

Hybrid and organic materials are closely linked to numerous industrial applications that will gain high popularity in the next decade. Therefore, LUMOMAT involves in the same project top-rank researchers covering the whole value chain from molecular modelization and synthesis to physicochemical characterizations and integration of molecules into devices. 

LUMOMAT’s objective is to become a key player on molecular materials research for organic electronics and photonics at the european and french levels. To this end, researchers focus their studies on 3 application domains:

1) Energy

  • organic and hybrid photovoltaic
  • solar fuels
  • OLEDs
  • artificial photosynthesis

2) Health and environment

  • (bio)sensors and functionalized surfaces
  • imagery, fluorescent molecules
  • dynamic phototherapy

3) Information storage and transport

  • photoluminescent nanomaterials
  • photoswitch
  • auto-organized nanomaterials for photonics