The main goal of LUMOMAT is to propel the associate laboratories in region Pays de la Loire as essential partners for any researches projects in the area of molecular organic materials for electronics and photonics by strengthening:

  • Scientific excellence
  • Building a critical mass of activities
  • Taking part of the National and European networks in the areas listed below
  • Increasing the international recognition
  • Enforcing the links between academic research laboratories and the industry

The research activity of LUMOMAT focuses on three specific areas all centered around organic materials:

  • Theme 1 : third generation photovoltaic cell, solar fuels and OLED

(organic photovoltaic-OPV, dye-sensitized solar cells-DSC, organic light emitting diodes-OLEDs, artificial photosynthesis, theoretical spectroscopy for prediction and rationalization, …)

  • Theme 2 : Molecular sensors and probes for medical and environment applications

(functional surfaces for detection of proteins, pathogen agents, metabolites, metal pollutants, bio imaging, photodynamic therapy –PDT, …)

  • Theme 3 : Structured nanosystems for transport and storage of information

(photo-luminescent and photo-switchable organic nanomaterials, nanomaterials for photonics and electronics,…)